Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman and special guests Charlotte's Most Beloved John Hancock, and former WBT sales executive David Medlock remembering local Charlotte businessman and founder of Charlotte Copy Data, Kal Kardous.

Bo tells the story on Good Morning BT about the time that he almost changed his name, and even has historical audio to prove it!

Silence. It can be restorative, or restrictive. Some folks are counting on yours, even demanding it.

Resetting the alarm clock to an earlier time, does it help? Also, whatever happened to mentors?

From Cowboy Classics to Benny Hill, garden hot peppers to Supreme Court critics, this podcast is all over the place!

The inner critic can be relentless, but so can you in responding to it.

A few thoughts about gratitude, good songs, and diamonds in the rough.

What is it about Tuesdays? Also, WBT Skyshow and the return of WBT News & Brews!

WBT's Skyshow is only a week away! Also, Wagner group threatens Putin's power.

Kicking off season four of my Nebulous Ramblings podcast with kudos to the Kellar Radio Talent Institute and thoughts on the loss of the Titan submarine and her crew.