When Republican legislative leaders announced the expansion of Medicaid, they tied it to passage of the budget and said it would help secure priorities that might otherwise get vetoed. But now they’ve split Medicaid expansion from the budget and married it to casinos and video poker. And maybe this was the reason for Medicaid expansion […]

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper accuses Republicans of terrible things as he tries to hold power over the State Board of Elections. Listen Here:

It’s been three years since Governor Roy Cooper locked down the economy in response to the COVID pandemic. Downtown districts across America – including Charlotte and Raleigh – are still struggling to recover. Plus, Anchor Brewing is shutting down. Listen Here:

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed three bills yesterday, even though the public is turning against his position on them. Listen Here:

Fetal surgeon, Dr. Marty McCaffrey, says contrary to what Governor Roy Cooper claims, North Carolina’s proposed abortion law is not radical or dangerous. Cooper is planning a rally on Saturday to celebrate his veto of the bill. Listen Here:

The woman arrested three years protesting North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s COVID lockdowns has filed a civil complaint against Cooper, law enforcement leaders, and the Wake County District Attorney. Listen Here:

The North Carolina General Assembly has passed a bill increasing penalties for rioting. Will the Governor veto this latest version, like he did the prior version? Listen Here:

Mark Pellin, editor of HeadlineUSA.com discusses the FBI’s assessment that COVID likely started as a lab leak in Wuhan, China. Plus, ten pieces of misinformation that public health officials pushed during the pandemic that were not true. Today’s show is presented by Old Grouch’s Military Surplus. Listen Here:

Early voting is underway in North Carolina, and Republicans are hoping a “red wave” will deliver them a super-majority in the state legislature. Doing so would allow them to override Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s vetoes. Andrew Dunn, writing at Longleaf Politics doesn’t think the GOP will be able to pull off big enough gains in both the […]

Gov. Roy Cooper holds a briefing on Hurricane Ian response. Plus, what progressives get wrong about conservatives. Listen Here: