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Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell takes a plea deal in Georgia. Plus, early voting begins today in North Carolina. Listen Here:

Israeli contractors claim to have manipulated dozens of elections around the world. Meanwhile, the North Carolina General Assembly is looking at tightening rules around early voting and absentee ballot deadlines. Listen Here:

A system for secure, transparent, accessible, auditable, voting – called Redo Voting – might be an existential threat to election lawyers, activists, and politicians who benefit from democracy-threatening suspicious election administration. Listen Here:

Almost half of Republican voters say they’re not confident their vote will be counted, according to a new poll from WRAL. Forty-four percent of likely Republican voters have little to no confidence that their vote in the Nov. 8 election will be counted accurately, a WRAL News Poll found. Meanwhile, Democrats and independents overwhelmingly have at […]

Signature verification on absentee ballots helps secure election integrity… and is also virtually worthless to secure election integrity.

The 2000 Mules movie does not prove criminal activity, nor does it prove there was enough fraud to overturn the 2020 election. But it does warrant an investigation by law enforcement.

In segments one and two more on local candidates for Charlotte Offices. Segments three and four were devoted to local and national political fraud and corruption.

"Leave patriotic, god fearing, strong Americans alone."


Half of Republicans believe the Jan. 6 violent siege was “largely a non-violent protest” or done by left-wing activists “trying to make Trump look bad,” the poll found. Overall, 59% blame Trump for the attack, and 80% of Democrats and 60% of Independents do not believe the Jan. 6 events were non-violent or staged by the left.

In a release from You Tube titled "Supporting the 2020 U.S. election" on their official blog page, the service "will start removing any piece of content uploaded today (or anytime after) that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election"