If you thought Joe Biden was going to be the “uniter” he promised to be, Thursday’s speech in Philadelphia might have been shocking in its Nazi aesthetic and fascisty rhetoric. President Biden opted to cast half of Americans as enemies of democracy. Pro-lifers were tossed into the basket of deplorables, and labeled “extremists” who […]

Hour 1 In this hour: The importance of relaxing and unwinding “Non-woke” movies, Top Gun and Spiderman top the box office, proving that people want an escape from politics. Donald Trump made a visit to Pennsylvania and commented on President Biden’s speech from last week. Calling Biden and “the people who control him,” enemies of the […]

In this hour, Donald Trump demands to be reinstated as president or hold a new election. Plus, mega church pastor steps down after an inappropriate online relationship.

In this hour, Alan Dershowitz says “There was no justification for a search warrant for the raid at Mar-a-Lago.” Lindsay Graham: “there will be riots in the streets if Trump is indicted.” Climate change projections continue to be incorrect. Plus, student loan “forgiveness.”

In this hour, Faith Focus Friday. Also, Donald trump continues to bash the GOP for not fighting for conservative values.

In this hour, Vince talks Donald Trump. We can’t continue to be so hung up on past elections that we ignore the future ones. Also, according to President Biden, all MAGA republicans are “fascists.”

In this hour, Vince talks more about President Biden’s plan to forgive $10,000 of student loan debt for those making less than $125,000 a year. Plus, someone in former President Trump’s corner should tell him to bow out gracefully.

In this hour, The Inflation Reduction Act is insanity and will not reduce inflation. More on Donald Trump and his battle with the DOJ. Also, more parents are turning to home schooling their children amid growing concern of what’s being taught in schools.

In this hour, the right to bear arms is under attack by the left. Democrats hate the free market. Plus, the latest on the raid of Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago.

While the Department of Justice said it would let its court filings and investigation speak for itself, people inside the DOJ are reportedly leaking to media. The Washington Post reports that the TransRaid on Mar-A-Lago was aimed at recovering “classified documents related to nuclear weapons.” Trump called that a hoax.