David and Marilyn Chadwick join Good Morning BT  To update the City of Hope Campaign, and to preview the upcoming Christmas show.

The latest on Title 42 via The Hill:   The Biden administration on Tuesday asked Chief Justice John Roberts to rule against 19 GOP-led states that initiated court action to keep the controversial Title 42 policy in place.  The administration was responding to Roberts’s administrative stay from Monday in which he temporarily halted the end of the policy, set […]

Pastor David Chadwick from Moments of Hope Church discusses his effort with WBT to feed local kids this Christmas season, through the City of Hope campaign. Plus, the January 6 House committee makes referrals for charges against Donald Trump. Listen Here:

Former Carolina Panthers kicker John Kasay joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman along with David Chadwick and Jim Szoke to reflect on his record-setting career and his life now in ministry at Moments of Hope church with David Chadwick.

Emily Ratliff, Claire’s Army, joins Good morning BT to discuss the gala on August 6th. David Chadwick makes a surprise visit to Emily

With the rise in the common use of swear words, Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman asks the question, "Is there a place for mindful cursing?" 

n this show, Tim Boyum, Capital News Network, joins to discuss the NC Senate Debate, Brad Panovich of WCNC-TV stops in to discuss the Lyrids,  and Bill Graham, of Wallace & Graham discusses legal issues.

Pastor David Chadwick joins Bo Thompson and Brett Jensen with updated totals for the City of Hope CLT campaign and information about how folks can donate to help the less fortunate this holiday season.