When media focuses on certain crime stories while ignoring similar ones, it misleads the public about how prevalent the crimes are. This warps public perception of who is being victimized. Listen Here:

The City of Asheville is launching a 60-day initiative to increase policing, litter and graffiti removal, and monitoring of areas prone to vagrancy and drug use. The move comes after the leftist local government reduced policing in the wake of the Summer of Mostly Peaceful But Fiery Protests. Listen Here:

New research from the John Jay College of criminal Justice finds that no-cash bail reform in New York City has lead to lower rates of recidivism among misdemeanor offenders, but higher rates of re-offending among the most violent criminals. Listen Here:

The Washington DC city council overrode the Mayor’s veto and softened penalties for violent criminals and gun crimes. Listen Here:

Michelle Lewis is running US Senate in North Carolina as an Unaffiliated candidate. Under NC law, she qualified as an official write-in candidate. Lewis says she was motivated to run for office after the killing Andrew Brown by law enforcement in Pasquotank County. Also, the Washington Examiner reports: Police officers across the nation are leaving their […]

The first half of this hour discussing an interview on Fox News with Jason Riley on rising crime and the affectt on both the democrtatic and republican parties. The last half of the hour was on the problems at the Mecklenburg County Jail, and the issues with the clear backpacks at Charmeck schools.

"These issues are becoming a major major problem"


"The fusion of these teams will pair Gang Unit detectives’ intimate knowledge of organized criminal structures with SIOP Task Force detectives’ expertise in addressing retaliatory and serious gun-crime cases. TRAP Unit detectives round off the equation through their proven track record of apprehending criminals," according to CMPD.  


A record year for violent crimes especially homicides, up by 16 percent from last year. An astounding 122 homicides were reported by CMPD last year, matching the same total from 1993 despite a seven week Stay-at-Home order in place earlier in the year.