Bo Thompson

The announcement which was teased on social media was confirmed by the longtime radio host during The Bo Thompson Morning Show on Friday. At this stage in life, Hancock admitted there was no desire for him to be at WBT full-time. However, he will be making a comeback (of sorts) to the masses in the Queen's City.

Radio One and WBT AM/FM host Bo Thompson have reached a multi-year agreement for Thompson to continue in Morning Drive on the heritage News Talk station. Thompson is a Charlotte native and began his career at WBT in 1990 at age 16. He worked at the station while still attending Myers Park High School and […]

On the heels of his latest book release, "Killing the Mob: The Fight Against Organized Crime in America," O'Reilly spent an entire hour giving his thoughts on the state of the country after the 2020 Presidential election and even hinted towards Donald Trump's future plans.

"We're pushing for choice," Rebecca Ivanov told WBT's Bo Thompson on Tuesday. "And a lot of people have signed up for Plan B, we were patient in August and saying "Okay, they're going to wait until the data comes out." Now here we are over 100 days into school. You've got surrounding counties that have been operating."