Chad Adams discusses the NC abortion bill and takes calls on the abortion issue. Listen Here:

Governor Roy Cooper vetoed the newly proposed NC abortion bill, but NC republicans have the majority and can override the veto. Vince takes a look at DeSantis’ chances in 2024. Also, could AM radio be a thing of the past? Listen Here:

Caller Tony – who usually gives Pete a very hard time – find common ground in the abortion debate. Plus, why are Democrats letting so many people into a systemically racist country? Listen Here:

Fetal surgeon, Dr. Marty McCaffrey, says contrary to what Governor Roy Cooper claims, North Carolina’s proposed abortion law is not radical or dangerous. Cooper is planning a rally on Saturday to celebrate his veto of the bill. Listen Here:

The dumbassery is particularly strong among pro-abortion advocates during the debate over North Carolina Senate Bill 20. Listen Here:

North Carolina Senate Democrats are trying to bog down debate on a bill over banning elective abortions after 12 weeks except in instances of rape, incest, and the life of the mother. The measure passed the House last night. But the key question is “When do rights obtain for the fetus?” Leftists refuse to answer […]

The NC House just passed a 12-week abortion ban and if it passes the NC Senate, Gov. Cooper will likely veto the bill. Reuters reports: North Carolina’s Republican-dominated House on Wednesday passed and sent to the state Senate a controversial bill limiting most abortions to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, a sharp drop from […]

North Carolina Republican lawmakers unveiled a raft of pro-life reforms yesterday, and are pushing it through a vote today. Democrats and media (but I repeat myself) say they were blindsided and that the GOP shouldn’t change the state’s existing 20-week limit on abortions. Listen Here:

Legislation passed in the state of Washington would allow kids 13 to 18 years old to stay at youth shelters and host homes without their parents’ knowledge. All the kids need to do is say they want “gender affirming care” or an abortion. Senate Bill 5599 now heads to the Governor for approval. Listen Here:

The federal judge who could upend access to a key abortion medication seemed open on Wednesday to the argument that the drug had not been properly vetted and could be unsafe — claims the Food and Drug Administration and leading health organizations strongly contest. Listen Here: