In this hour, a new cancer trial reveals all participants are now in remission. Also, what role does big media play in America becoming more angry and polarizing.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of “Breaking with Brett Jensen!” Today Brett takes a deeper dive into the epidemic of guns brought to campus at many CMS schools — something that has been impacting CMS schools all year long — before telling the astonishing story of a shooting threat and how the authorities bungled things. […]

Charlotte at 6’s Mark Garrison traveled to a small farmer’s market in the heart of Charlotte and discovered a world of tasty treats tucked away in a parking lot.

Brett Winterble takes your calls to listen to the stories of many callers with family members who served in WWII and participated in the D-Day invasion. Hear the stories of medics and pilots from your own backyard who fought for your freedom.

It is June the sixth 2022. We all recall the almighty sacrifices that were made by our heroes, our brave boys who stormed the beaches on this date in 1944. It’s incredible to see how much the world has changed since 1944. Here we are almost 80 years removed from our ascendancy into a true […]

In an effort to promote equality for women, has America over-corrected — neglecting boys’ education when not targeting them outright? Yet, masculinity has saved the world.

After three homicides in Charlotte over the weekend, City Councilman Braxton Winston tweeted, “We must treat each other better as a community. We need a culture of love over violence.” OK. But how?

Best-selling author and veteran TV journalist, Bill O’Reilly, discusses the current state of TV news and President Biden using the gun violence issue to rescue his presidency.

In this hour, more on the upcoming January 6th hearings. Also, will the term “mass shooting” become overused because of recent events?

In this hour, recognizing those who sacrificed on D-Day, 78 years ago. Why do some Americans want America to fail? Also, the January 6th hearings are nothing more than theatre.