Spencer Kimball of Everson College Polling and Brett discussed the state of this election cycle. Kimball explains what he’s seen as the biggest issues amongst voters, focusing on the economy and public safety, the impact of recent crises will have on the polls and who he sees as the most important voter demographic + his […]

Gordon Chang (author of The Coming Collapse of China) joined Brett Winterble to discuss the growing tensions between China and Taiwan. Chang explains what he sees as the reasons for China’s actions as well as the supposed “real democracy,” that the Chinese and Russians said they are working towards together. He also shares his thoughts […]

The Charlotte City Council looks to spend $215 million to renovate the Uptown arena. Plus, the streetcar project raises concerns. And Charlotte has two of the most dangerous roads in NC.

Despite concerns over the bad deal the City of Charlotte inked years ago that requires public funding for arena improvements, the Council moved ahead on a longer-term deal to upgrade the facility.

Chris McCoy, the State Director of Americans For Prosperity – NC, says the Republican-led House should block the GOP-led Senate attempt to expand Medicaid.

In this hour, more on gun control and inflation. Also, Vince talks about the latest NRA convention.

In this hour, Vince touches on the subjects of gun control and abortion. Plus, more on inflation and how it’s affecting everyday Americans.

This week on Dirty Restaurant Tuesday Mark and TJ find a place that needs lessons in washing both their hands and dishes, places with alternative storage methods + TJ shares one good place to take the kids over summer vacation.

The cavalry is not coming. You heard me the cavalry is not coming. We the People have been told for the better part of 80 85 years that if something bad happens, the government is going to be there to help you fix it. Now I know if you look back for the last 22 […]

Asheesh Agarwal, advisor with the American Edge Project, discusses how some antitrust  proposals by US politicians would damage our ability to compete with foreign adversaries. Plus: the critical mistakes & unlucky breaks in Uvalde.

All right, imagine you’re laying in a bed many, many years from now and you’re dying, you know, the end is near, think back about all the things that you would have liked to have accomplished. But maybe you have it, writing a book, taking a trip, looking into your family’s history, starting a foundation […]

North Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson spoke at the NRA event over the weekend, prompting political attacks by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper – who called for new gun control laws.