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In the wake of an on-campus murder, the head of the North Carolina Democrat Party called for a “reckoning” at the state capitol. Anderson Clayton screamed at a rally of students, “[T]he Republicans need to know that we are coming for them just as people right now are coming for us on our campuses, in […]

A 12-year old in Colorado was threatened with removal from school for wearing a backpack with a Gadsden flag patch on it because the school administrators thought it was offensive and related to slavery. Listen Here:

Evidence continues to pile up that Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, were engaged in a years-long international influence-peddling scheme that enriched the Democrat Vice President and his extended family. Listen Here:

Pat Harrigan is running for North Carolina’s 14th Congressional district. He lost the last race in 2022 against Democrat Jeff Jackson. But the district lines are expected to be redrawn before the 2024 election. Listen Here:

The Washington Examiner has an expose linking Mexican cartels to the rash of organized shoplifting we’ve seen since the pandemic. Listen Here:

Economists are growing increasingly worried that mid-sized cities (like Charlotte) are at greater risk of a “doom loop” than larger cities like San Francisco or New York – despite most of the coverage focusing on those bigger metros. Listen Here:

The gunman at UNC Chapel Hill apparently murdered his faculty advisor. Also, a homeless camp in Gastonia is broken up after a recent shooting left one of the inhabitants dead. Listen Here:

Environmentalist protesters blocked the road to the annual Burning Man festival, causing hundreds of vehicles to belch carbon dioxide pollution into the environment. Listen Here:

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district joins 200 other systems in alleging that social media companies have caused behavioral and academic problems among students with their addictive products. Listen Here:

A racist white guy targets black people in a mass shooting in Florida. But it’s apparent there were warning signs that went ignored prior to the attack. Listen Here: