Beth Troutman joins Bo Thompson in studio with her take on enduring the 'life backlog" we all face in this era of a different kind of normal, today's Virginia gubernatorial election, and taking calls from listeners about where they are from, and where they would live if they could select any other location.

WBT afternoon host Brett Winterble joins Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman with perspective on inflation mixed with the supply chain backlog, the problem of relying so much on politicians rather than on people who know what they are doing, and his take on today's gubernatorial election in Virginia.

In the third hour of the show, Pete talks about rumored Oathkeeper member Ray Epps and his documented role in the Jan 6th riots on Capitol Hill and asks why the Justice Department hasn't prosecuted him for his involvement. 

In Hour 2, Pete talks about the Left and the media who continue to go after Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, and other Republicans for their supposed involvement in the Jan 6th riots on Capitol Hill and says their time would be better spent educating an end to violent protests across the country.

In the first hour of the show, Pete talks about the hypocrisy of the NC House Democrats walking out on the appointment of Gaston County's Donnie Loftis in the state legislature...

In the second hour of the show, Vince talks about the debate over whether the military should be forced to vaccinate and if religious exemptions should be approved or not. 

In the first hour of the show, Vince discusses a groundbreaking way to diagnose Alzheimer's. He also talks about the battle over Joe Biden's infrastructure bill as the future of COVID being an election talking point.  

Gaston County Sheriff Alan Cloninger talks about how vaccine mandates are affecting law enforcement staffing, and how police and fire departments are having to compensate for shortages of personnel.

Our pop culture expert Dr. Robert Thompson joins Bo Thompson with a look at American Crime Stories not getting much traction, despite its Monica Lewinsky subject matter, and the return of Tiger King.

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