Bo Thompson is back for “Crossing the Streams” on the Brett Winterble Show to discuss Biden’s announcement for $60 million in aid for Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Fiona. Bo and Brett talk about why they think that number is lower than they expected and what they think that indicates for aid coming […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by Rick Harrison, star of the TV show “Pawn Stars” to talk about filming an episode of his new show “Pawn Stars Do America,” in Winston-Salem October 14-16. Listen here to find out how to get involved in the event + hear about some of the coolest […]

Welcome to Devious Motives, season three, that 22 big stories and issues leading up to the 2022 Election, as we’ll be documenting the ebbs and flows of how this stuff is going on between now and right up to election day, we may even do a post mortem. Once we know what the results look like […]

In hour one, The Hangover with Pete Kaliner on hurricane Ian coverage in the media, and comments from callers about the coverage as well. The second hour brings discussion about the border, how the liberals want to take us down, and Brett reveals he dislikes “tinkering” in space or with nature. Hour three is about […]

Usually Bo Thompson of Good Morning BT joins us on the Brett Winterble Show for crossing the streams, but today we’ve got Beth Troutman to — as Coach Doherty says — “Cross the Streets!” Coach, Beth and Brett discuss how to prepare for Hurricane Ian as it approaches the Carolinas + discuss a story from […]

The Coach Matt Doherty is back on the Brett Winterble Show and talking physical fitness in light of the report that 77 percent of young American’s are ineligible for military service. Coach talks about why it is important to be healthy regardless of if you’re hoping to join the military and reflect on old gym […]

Today on Breaking with Brett Jensen QC News reporter Emma Withrow joins the show to explain the ins and outs of the latest controversial story surrounding Charlotte City Councilman Smuggie Mitchell. See the entire story here and follow Emma Withrow on Twitter here @emma_withrow.

As the government attempted to handle to COVID-19 pandemic it spent A LOT of money. Some of that has gone missing, and today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett shares where they missing money may have gone and if its possible to get it back.

Today on the Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by author Jeffery Lord to talk about Hurricane Ian as it makes landfall in Florida today. Brett and Jeffery talk about how the hurricane could become a political event in addition to a natural disaster and how Ron De Santis will be scrutinized as it unfolds + […]

On this edition of “Crossing the Streams” with Bo Thompson of Good Morning BT on the Brett Winterble Show to talk about Hurricane Ian set to hit Florida this week. Brett and Bo talk about how important dealing with Hurricane Ian will be for Florida Governor Ron De Santis’ political future and what they think […]