As we continue to remember those who gave their lives in the service of The United States of America, Brett shares a remarkable story of a Marine who wouldn’t retreat — and whose family can finally say goodbye.

Today on The Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by the head of the North Carolina GOP to talk about what is expected to be a star-studded event in Greensboro.

Get your Memorial Day weekend started with The Friday Hangover on The Brett Winterble Show as Brett and WBT host Pete Kaliner to talk about alternate ways to pronounce their names + share their top “kooky” stories from the world of politics so far.

Tonight on The Brett Winterble Show Bo Thompson makes a rare Thursday appearance on Crossing The Streams to dissect Ron DeSantis’ announcement to run for President on Twitter last night. Bo explains why the tech issues at the announcement could belie a bigger issue in DeSantis as a candidate and Brett shares who DeSantis reminds […]

Regular caller Tara explains why her family won’t be voting for Trump this time around.

Today on The Brett Winterble Show The Coach Matt Doherty is back on the show and shares his advice for dealing with and powering through adversity + Jim in San Diego calls in once again to talk with Brett and The Coach about leadership and the Republican field for the 2024 Presidential election.

We get this Hump Day edition of The Brett Winterble Show started with a visit from WBT host and reporter Breaking Brett Jensen to talk about North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s visit to an elementary¬†school and react to the death of Tina Turner. Brett Jensen explains why Cooper is in town today and how it […]

On this Tuesday edition of Crossing The Streams with Beth Troutman on The Brett Winterble Show, Brett and Beth Troutman react to the news that Ron DeSantis is likely to announce his candidacy for President and if they think there are any major players left to join the GOP field.

Today on The Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by Col. Tom Gordon from The Citadel to talk about the importance of leadership as well as talk about a “character crisis,” in The United States. Col. Gordon shares where he thinks the biggest problems in society stem from as well as his thoughts on how to […]

2024 Candidate for North Carolina Governor Mark Walker joins The Brett Winterble Show just days after officially announcing his plan to enter the race this weekend. Brett and Mark talk about why Walker wants the job and what he hopes to accomplish if he wins + why he seems himself as a better fit than […]