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WBT news anchor Mark Garrison joins Good Morning BT with Bo, Beth and Jim talking about some restaurants you may want to think twice about visiting, given some of their low health scores and comments from the inspectors.

WBTV reporter and documentary producer Steve Crump joins Good Morning BT talking about his early days at WBTV with Mark Garrison, the controversy surrounding Jason Aldean's latest country song "Try That in a Small Town," and the upcoming five year anniversary of Steve's colorectal cancer diagnosis and how things are going now.

Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman for Wednesday, July 12th, including guests Tom Blocker with news of improving automobile sales, Theresa Payton talking about the US Senate getting a classified briefing on the potential and dangers of AI, Brett Winterble with his take on a Georgia Dem flipping to the GOP, Dr. Ashley Lucas of PHD Weight Loss talking about her new podcast "The Dr. Ashley Show," Breaking Brett Jensen live from Spain enjoying free food and drink at the Madrid Airport private lounge, and Pat McCrory with a No Label update and a McCrory Top Five!

Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman for Tuesday, July 11th, including guests Brett Winterble talking about President Biden's reported anger issues, Brett Jensen live from Pamplona Spain where he participated - without injury - in the Running of the Bulls, and Mark Garrison with his Dirty Restaurant Tuesday report.

WBT News reporter Mark Garrison joins Good Morning BT with Bo & Beth and Jim Szoke with a look at local restaurants that received some not-so-nice sanitation ratings.

The inner critic can be relentless, but so can you in responding to it.

This week the White House said that a single annual coronavirus shot should provide a "high degree of protection against serious illness all year." Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman takes calls from listeners answering this question: "Would you get the yearly Covid-19 booster just like you get the flu shot?"

NC Congressman Greg Murphy, M.D. (NC-03) joins Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman with the latest on Covid-19.

Dr. Paul Christo, John Hopkins University, joins the show to expand on the dangers of the growing opioid problem in the United States.

Skittle parties? Fentanyl? Scott Silverman, crisis coach, joins Brett to explain the heights of addiction and mental health. If you need help with addiction or more information on Scott, call 619-993-2738 visit Your Crisis Coach.