Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman take listener calls and reflect on a survey that sums up in four words the main reason that so many people are leaving their jobs in the wake of the pandemic.

Congressman Dr. Greg Murphy joins Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman to clarify the somewhat confusing topic of Covid-19 booster shots - when to get them, how many to get, and whether or not the vaccine booster manufacturer needs to match the original vaccine manufacturer. 

Does vaccination status indicate one's level of patriotism?

The heated debate over Covid-19 vaccine mandates is escalating, and concerns about the legalities of government and corporate force versus the civil liberties of American citizens are leading to hard choices, and lawsuits.

"This was definitely one of those issues that was, very much so, alive and well prior to the implementation of mainstream social media." -Jaren Doby

The data shows North Carolina's birth rate fell by 3.1%, which is still above the national average that declined by 3.8%. One reason for the lack new population growth could be due to the timing of the pandemic coming early in 2020. A little over 100,000 live births were record in the state last year, down from 118,000 in 2019. 

“We are currently focusing on prioritizing the in-state inventory of vaccine by using a first-in, first-out strategy so that providers use vaccines by date of expiration in chronological order, as well as transferring vaccine between providers who can use them,” the NCDHHS said in an email to the AP on Friday.

Will Jones, a UNC Greensboro graduate who spent time at WCNC-TV in the mid-90's, recently told his story of overcoming the virus and warned those who believe the pandemic is a "hoax." His message is simple, but clear: "put your armor on." Jones wasn't sure how he contracted the virus, but it hit him harder than anything he had felt before.

In two days, the state will open up all COVID-19 vaccination sites to Group 5 which is anyone 16 or older. The expansion comes just in time as new cases are reportedly on the rise in North Carolina. Overall, 28% of all adults in the state have received at least one dose of the vaccine. 

Mecklenburg County will open up new COVID-19 vaccine appointments through the county’s health department and StarMed Healthcare starting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. The new slots are for everyone eligible in Groups 1-5, including anyone over the age of 16. The new appointments run through April 12. Group 5 will become eligible starting on April 7 […]