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Tune in here to this ​Monday edition of Breaking With Brett Jensen!

Breaking Brett Jensen kicks the show off by talking with Scott Hamilton from the WBT Newsroom about the latest CMPD crime stats and the CMPD press conference today. Brett also shares a clip from today’s CMPD presser of Deputy Chief Zeru Chickoree discussing a drop in violent crimes although the homicide numbers this year are alarmingly high.

Later in the show Brett discusses Wegmans supermarket coming to Charlotte! The grocery store chain has traditionally only been found up North but to the applaud of many Mecklenburg County residents we are finally getting a Wegmans in Charlotte.

Brett wraps the show up by talking about the Masters Tournament and his dedication to watching every minute of the tournament, going so far as to skip showering to ensure he’s able to watch every second.

Listen here for all of this and more on Breaking With Brett Jensen.