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Tune in here to this Tuesday edition of the Brett Winterble Show!
Brett kicks off the program by talking about Biden’s apology to Laken Riley’s killer and Tish James’ hunt for NYC firefighters, and the looming TikTok ban.
We’re joined by Phil Kerpen from American Commitment to talk about how Bidenomics have negatively impacted the economy, “prices have risen much more than income,” and people dipping into their 401k to make ends meet. Spending is out of control and the Biden administration continues to print money to keep up. This endless money printing is fueling the steady rise of inflation, crippling the middle and lower class.

Beth Troutman AND Bo Thompson from Good Morning BT are both here for this Tuesday’s episode of Crossing the Streams. Brett, Bo, and Beth talk about Hur Hearing regarding Biden’s classified files and how politicians become beholden to big money donors.
We’re joined by Gordon Chang, a lawyer, journalist, and political commentator, to talk about the impact TikTok has on the American people and if the TikTok ban will pass. Chang explains the legality of banning an app from American’s and why it is an important issue to address.
We’re joined by Chuck Devore, a former California State Representative, to talk about the immigration crisis and its potential impact on America.