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Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman

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Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman entire Thursday, March 7th, 2024 show.


6:05 Beth Song of the Day; Why is the State of the Union on a Thursday in March?

6:20 The Scandinavian sleeping method; debating the definition of a duvet

6:35 More questions about duvets; discussion about waterbeds

6:50 RAM Biz Update; Callers about waterbeds


7:05 The Wayniac calls in with story about buying waterbeds when Beth was growing up

7:20 Bob Dylan ticket giveaway; Beth asks AI to describe GMBT show – it answers, sans mention of Bo

7:35 More on AI description of the show

7:50 Crossing the Streams with Brett Winterble – Haley exit, McConnell Trump support


8:05 Beth goes back to Chat GPT, asks for another description

8:20 Target to introduce “Target 360” – subscription program for shoppers

8:35 More on Target 360; Which service is most valuable to you; Bo has special rejoins for Beth

8:50 Callers on the best subscriptions


9:05 David Chadwick joins in-studio – with the music director from Moments of Hope Church

9:20 Guest: Robert Strickland, Get Your Rear In Gear Foundation

9:35 GameScent – new device that emits smells while you play video games

9:50 Final thoughts on the show – recalling Beth’s Chat GPT experiment