Listen here for this Thursday edition of the Vince Coakley Radio Program!

On this episode Vince talks about why he likes to see a new generation establishing themselves in the world and how an North Carolina college student defeated an incumbent with a long career in the state’s 14th district is a great example of that. He also shares a story about a black family who were the only one’s willing to rent to a Chinese couple — and the community reaping the rewards of their good will.

Later in the show Vince talks about one “fantasy candidate” for the Democrats who has announced they aren’t going to run + shares what he expects to hear from Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address — scheduled for 9:00 tonight.

In the second half of the program Vince talks about the left’s “Dream candidate” for President who just announced they’re not going to enter the race and what that could mean for the party moving forward + the developing conflict in Haiti that has led the leader of the country to flee as gangs gain power.