Happy Hump Day from the Vince Coakley Radio Program!

We start the show by taking you live to Nikki Haley’s official announcement that she is dropping out of the race for President of the United States after the results from Super Tuesday — setting the stage for a rematch of Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. Vince shares his thoughts on Haley’s brief statement and why he liked her message despite not being a fan of hers + how it was an example of the type of discourse we need in America today.

Then Vince looks at what he considers as other most important results from Super Tuesday voting in North Carolina and around the country + we’re joined by Republican candidate for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Hal Weatherman to talk about his victory last night and what he thinks separated his campaign from those of his competitors.

In the second half of the show Vince talks about the “hopelessness problem,” and Gen-Z for Wellness Wednesday before talking about a member of congress that is stepping down + why Vince is genuinely upset about it. We also take a look at what one man known for accurately predicting who will win the election favors for President.