Tune in here for this Super Tuesday edition of the Vince Coakley Radio Program!

Vince starts the program by talking about the biggest primary races set to be decided today in a number of states across the country — including North Carolina and shares important information you may need to know before you head to the polls + we take your calls about who you are excited to vote for on this election day.

He also talks about the two types of Trump Derangement Syndrome that he has identified and how they both are problematic for the country + why the Supreme Court’s decision that Colorado can’t keep Donald Trump off of their ballot may have “saved Democrats from themselves.”

In the second half of the show Transformation Tuesday returns as Vince talks about Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce’s comments about the importance of fathers at his retirement press conference Monday. Then we talk about the Facebook, Instagram and Threads outage impacting users across the world + what some people are afraid is the cause.