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Tune in here for this Wednesday edition of Crossing the Streams on The Brett Winterble Show as we’re joined by Bo Thompson from Good Morning BT!

We get “Bo Time,’ started with a conversation about the state of the GOP race for Presidential candidate one day removed from the results of the New Hampshire Primary — won by former President Donald Trump — with Nikki Haley’s hopes to represent the party taking yet another blow + what they think about us quickly heading to a Trump vs. Biden rematch.

Brett then explains what he doesn’t like about the two main candidates for President being solidified so early in the election cycle + Bo makes a comparison between these races and famous boxing matches of history and explains how the results of New Hampshire pretty much guarantees a campaign with no general debate.

Bo and Brett also talk about why they think inauguration ceremonies are special and important before talking about the North Carolina legislature setting a date for online sports betting to officially start in the state.