Protests As Joint Session Of Congress Confirms Presidential Election Result

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

After watching the videos of the death and destruction done by rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th during yesterday’s impeachment trial of Donald Trump, it became apparent to me this country needs civility again.

It’s not just the actions of what happened that day in Washington D.C., but we as a society have reached a point where people are driven by anger; instead of kindness. We’re simply going out of the way to prove points and believing this kind of behavior is acceptable.

As a former elected official, I’ve watched this anger and hatred play out from people who feel they’ve been wronged by me. I’ve also seen it with a majority of shootings in Charlotte that are unjustified with people caught up in the moment. This is a problem of how we treat each other. Maybe if we didn’t lack finding common ground to settle our differences, this would all be easy to fix.

What we saw from those people who violently forced their way inside the Capitol was sickening. It was also embarrassing to watch these folks batter police officers in hopes to do the same to members of congress and Vice President Mike Pence. They didn’t make the trip to the nation’s capital to just hear the President speak. This was a coordinated attack on our democracy and the buildings occupied by our elected officials.

If this movement is about violence and destruction, then count me out. This is not what America is about and is not the country we strive to be.

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