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Tune in here for this special Thursday edition of Breaking with Brett Jensen as we’re joined live in studio by Former CMPD officer and friend of the program Shannon Finis + Ex-CMPD polygraph examiner Lauren Frazier in studio whole show.

Lauren and her partner Daniel Smolik recently resigned from their post at CMPD.

We start the show by talking about the role of the polygraph test as an employment screening at CMPD + explain what goes into becoming a polygraph examiner as well as why they are not admissible as evidence in court but are used in this situation.

Then we dive into how Frazier saw process being manipulated at CMPD as they attempt to increase the amount of officers they employ + why the things she saw and was asked to do made her decide that she could no longer work there.

In the second half of the show we discuss the issue of nepotism in CMPD during the polygraph examinations + the biggest concerns for polygraph testing potential officers in the future.