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Tune in here to this edition of The Friday Hangover with WBT host Pete Kaliner on The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett and Pete start The Hangover by talking about an absurdly expensive McDonalds’ Big Mac combo available in Connecticut, leading Brett to ask the at what point prices like this qualify as “gouging,” after revealing the $18 Big Mac combo price and other ridiculous numbers for fast food.

Pete explains why he thinks that while it is an insane cost it still boils down to people’s personal choices + Brett reveals how tis particular location is able to get away with charging this amount for McDonald’s before Pete shares one of his personal experiences with fast food restaurants in similar locations.

Finally Brett and Pete do their best to find the silver lining in the situation, which Pete decides is an educational opportunity for America’s youth on economics + Brett and Pete talk more about the unfolding situation in the Middle East.