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Welcome to another week on The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett kicks off the program by talking about the United States federal government avoiding a shutdown by signing a bill before last Saturday’s deadline and why he doesn’t think it is a good budget.

Tune in here as we’re joined on The Brett Winterble Show by Charlie Curl from to talk about Brett’s upcoming trip to Ireland and Scotland with WBT listeners — maybe even you!

Brett shares why he choose Ireland as the trip’s next destination after an amazing trip to Italy + Charlie explains what about Ireland specifically makes it such an amazing destination to visit and how traveling with Head to to claim your spot!

Later in the show we’re joined by Good Morning BT’s Bo Thompson joins the show for Crossing the Streams to preview the third annual “Talktoberfest,” starting with Bo and Beth Troutman tonight from 7-8 on WBT’s Facebook Live + talk about how they feel about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship dominating the NFL headlines.