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Happy Monday from The Brett Winterble Show!

We get the program started with a visit from Breaking Brett Jensen to talk about fights under the lights during high school football games this weekend. Brett Jensen shares some of the specifics of the fights + they discuss possible solutions.

To see footage of the video of the fight at Harding University High School, check out Brett Jensen’s Twitter page @Brett_Jensen, and tune into Breaking with Brett Jensen tonight from 7-8 on WBT for more information.

Brett Winterble also talks about the national debt and threat of a government shutdown + government censorship in social media.

Bo Thompson drops by for the first edition of Crossing the Streams of the week! Brett and Bo start the discussion by talking about a story about John Fetterman apparently returning the money he received from Senator Bob Melendez (charged with taking bribes) in envelopes in cash + former quarterback Matt Ryan taking his name out of the hat for the New York Jets job.