Travel in times of pandemic. Syringe with vaccine on two dices on a surgical mask on a passenger's seat tray inside an airplane.

Source: Aitor Diago / Getty

The first $1 million vaccination lottery winner was selected in North Carolina on Wednesday night.

The first of four drawings scheduled over the next two months. A random winner was chosen by a number generator matched up to their date of birth, according to state officials.

NC’s Department of Health and Human Services will determine who the person is before the state deems if they’re eligible for the seven-figure payout. The individual will then be formally contacted in a process that could take up to two weeks.

The lucky person would then have to give the state consent to release their name. After that they’ll walk away with roughly $600,000, after taxes.

Anyone over the age of 18 and vaccinated in North Carolina is eligible to receive the lump sum payment. The residents between the ages of 12 and 17 will be entered into a lottery to have $125,000 applied as a scholarship to a university of their choice.

The next $1 million drawing will take place on July 7.