Happy Friday from The Brett Winterble Show on WBT!

Brett is joined by fellow WBT host Pete Kaliner for the weekly Friday Hangover and the two guys talk about a controversial decision made by the White House regarding Biden denying his competitor for the Democratic party nomination for President Secret Service protection RFK Jr.

Brett and Pete explain why they are skeptical they will face few tough questions about it before comparing a key member of the controversy to Jim Acosta + why Brett feels like the whole thing is “ICKY,” and Pete sees it as on brand for Biden.

Pete and Brett then have a conversation about how RFK Jr. can find personal protection on his own as well as about responses to the viral video of him working out shirtless.

Finally they end the segment with a response to a legislators comments from the UFO hearings this week as well as his thoughts on the Biden legal issues + if they buy the testimony about “non-human biologics.”