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Bo Thompson/WBT

Many parents with kids in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools are asking why the in-person learning option has yet to be offered for all students.

It is something Rebecca Ivanov and the CMS advocacy group for the in-person option are asking Charlotte residents. The group of over 2,000 parents and teachers started an initiative with yard signs that have started to pop up in the Charlotte metro area. The basic white signs with blue lettering touts the phrase, “Schools are safe and essential #InPersonOption #OpenCMS”

The signs have gotten a lot of attention over the last two weeks, mostly due to the political season being done, but the message is clear and one that Ivanov stands behind. She hopes for enough support in the community to sway CMS board members before their next meeting on Feb. 9, allowing for classes to reopen safely.

“We’re pushing for choice,” Ivanov told WBT’s Bo Thompson on Tuesday. “And a lot of people have signed up for Plan B, we were patient in August and saying, “Okay, they’re going to wait until the data comes out.” Now here we are over 100 days into school. You’ve got surrounding counties that have been operating.”

She went on to say, “We have the data to support us following through and maintaining Plan B. With social distancing, the kids who are able to go back to school, but also giving parents a choice to keep their kids home, if they wish.”

As an education professional herself, Ivanov understands the argument from both sides and stressed the need for responsibility during this difficult time. Some people have said the classroom isn’t safe for students without teachers being vaccinated. In response to those pleas from critics, Ivanov wants CMS to look at the data.

“Duke studied over 90,000 students here in North Carolina at our public schools, who went to school across the state. Almost 700 cases from community spread (through contact tracing) and zero transmissions from student to teacher. Zero, think about that. Only a dozen or so cases were actually transmitted between students at school.”

Listen to the entire interview with Rebecca Ivanov on The Bo Thompson Morning Show below.