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USA: Entertainment: Bill O'Reilly Visit to Legoland

Source: Sandy Huffaker / Getty

Bill O’Reilly has always provided a “no-spin” approach on current events, even if the truth isn’t the easiest for some people to handle.

The famed media personality and author took time out of his busy schedule to join WBT’s Bo Thompson Morning Show last Friday.

On the heels of his latest book release, “Killing the Mob: The Fight Against Organized Crime in America,” O’Reilly spent an entire hour giving his thoughts on the state of the country after the 2020 Presidential election and even hinted towards Donald Trump’s future plans.

“(Trump) wants to run again. Now whether he is going to be able to do that is uncertain,” said O’Reilly. “The Republican party… not really enthusiastic about it at this point, but that could change.”

O’Reilly has remained close to the former President and admitted meeting with him a couple weeks ago at Mar-a-Lago. The New Yorkers have maintained a decent relationship going back 30 years, and before Trump and O’Reilly caught fame in separate network television ventures.

“The worse the economy gets, the better it is for Donald Trump. Because he was a successful president on the economy,” O’Reilly added.

As for names in the GOP eyeing a presidential run that aren’t Trump, O’Reilly believes the short list includes South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

Although, when it comes to predictions, the radio host hasn’t been completely accurate. He said if Trump won North Carolina, there was a “good chance” he would be reelected. Nobody could’ve predicted Georgia and Arizona flipping for Joe Biden in the late-stages of the 2020 campaign.

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