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Tiger King, Joe Exotic

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

One of the last actions of Donald Trump’s presidency was over 140 pardons. A name many people believed would be cleared of his wrongdoing was Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage AKA Joe Exotic.

The star of the Netflix series “Tiger King” was disappointed he wasn’t on Trump’s short list and made his feeling known via a post on Twitter.

“I was too innocent and too GAY to deserve a Pardon from Trump,”  Exotic wrote. “I only mattered to Don Jr. when he needed to make a comment about me to boost his social media post. Boy were we all stupid to believe he actually stood for Equal Justice? His corrupt friends all come first.”

Exotic was convicted in April 2019 on federal charges of animal cruelty, along with his role in the murder-for-hire plot of rival Carole Baskin. He was sentenced to 22 years and is currently at a Fort Worth, Texas prison.

The former zookeeper and his lawyer were so confident a Trump pardon was coming that Exotic had a limo parked outside the prison to take him away. At one time Donald Trump Jr. publicly floated the possibility on Exotic getting out with his father’s assistance.

Trump did however pardon hip hop artist Lil Wayne and commuted the sentence of Kodak Black. The former president pardoned over 200 people during his time in office.