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Despite what some democrats may think, the state of the economy is the #1 issue for voters in the upcoming midterms. 

Piers Morgan slams President Biden on his handling of the American economy. The New York Post has more:  

The eye-boggling irony of this absurdly disingenuous statement would not have been lost on America’s ice cream vendors who are suffering a terrible year as the price of making it has soared by 13%, driven by higher milk costs caused by higher dairy farming costs. 

And what is behind those higher dairy farming costs? 


The worst inflation, at 8.2%, for 40 years. 

The same catastrophic inflation that has led to a 30% increase in the cost of eggs, 17% for chicken, 14% for bread and 18% for gasoline. And so on. 

Also, the top stories from over the weekend. 

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