I want to start with a critique generally, so be for both parties. As it relates to the idea of debates. I don’t know that debates are necessary any longer. I feel like it’s an outmoded, outdated, sort of a thing that’s gone on here. Now. I feel like debates are a relic of the past. Unless you’re going to get a group of citizens asking the questions. We don’t need professional moderators. Getting in there and asking the questions. I think a town hall is probably more effective, it’s a lot more unpredictable. The job of being a politician is unpredictable. This is not like being a teacher who has a lesson plan and you follow the lesson plan each and every day. This isn’t like an accountant or a lawyer, you’re going to have crises jump up from time to time, that are going to have to be handled in pretty much in real time without panic without freaking out. All that sort of stuff. And so I think the proper place to have the discussions that we have heard from President Biden, just in these last couple of days are the the town halls the meetups, with the people out there asking the questions, and of course, you’re gonna get Kooks and wackos who who want to talk about Hollow Earth or something like that. And I don’t mean to disrespect people who want to talk about Hollow Earth, but I do think inflation energy access. I do think those sorts of things, the explosion of crime in our country are all much, much, much more relevant than they are.