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Rudy Giuliani Holds News Conference in Washington About Voter Fraud

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Federal agents executed a search warrant on Wednesday at a Manhattan, NY apartment belonging to Rudy Giuliani, according to multiple sources.

The story first reported by the New York Times claims the raid is part of a criminal investigation by federal prosecutors for Giuliani’s involvement in the Ukraine scandal over the past several months. Although, the former NYC Mayor has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and hasn’t been charged with any crimes.

Giuliani, who served as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, was recently front-and-center fighting false claims of fraud stemming from the 2020 Presidential Election in courtrooms across the country.

A spokesman for the Manhattan US Attorney’s office declined to comment, according to the Times.

It’s not unusual for prosecutors to execute a search warrant on a lawyer, especially in the case of Trump’s personal involvement. Michael Cohen, a fixer and attorney for the former President, was also the subject of a raid by federal authorities three years ago. He was ultimately sentenced to three years in federal prison and ordered to pay a $50,000 fine after pleading guilty to tax evasion and campaign finance violations.

Giuliani talked to WBT about his involvement with Ukraine prior to last November’s election on Episode 24 of Brett Winterble’s Devious Motives podcast.