Oil platform at sea at sunset. World Oil Industry

Source: Anton Petrus / Getty


OPEC+ is cutting oil production which could lead to major spikes in oil prices. CNN has the story:  

On Wednesday morning, OPEC+ oil ministers’ meeting in Vienna agreed to an even larger production cut than the White House had feared — 2 million barrels per day, beginning in November, according to a readout of the meeting released on Wednesday. The ministers said the cuts were necessary “in light of the uncertainty that surrounds the global economic and oil market outlooks.” 

More on the recent Herschel Walker story. The Daily Beast reports that Walker has a child with the woman who alleged he paid for her abortion.  

Plus, Saudi Arabia and Russia are strengthening ties. NPR reports:  

A dramatic cut in oil production could also help Russia, which is co-chair of OPEC+. Its economy is based on energy revenues, now critical to its war effort in Ukraine. Despite sanctions, Russia hasn’t experienced a huge decline in production. 

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