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For all the overreaching of big government, they are neglecting their intended duties, like watching the southern border.

Christianity could be a “minority” religion by the year 2060 according to a new report by The Daily Mail:

“America’s majority faith has an uncertain future — the share of Christians is set to fall to as low as 35 percent by 2070 as millions become agnostic, atheist or unaffiliated, a study of religious trends shows. 

Pew Research Center says the number of U.S. adults identifying as Christian has dropped from 90 percent in the 1990s to 64 percent now and will likely trend downwards into a minority faith over the coming decades. 

The decline is due to Christians switching to ‘nones’ — a secular mishmash of atheists, agnostics and those with no religious identity — which is set to grow from about 30 percent nowadays to as much as 52 percent by 2070.” 


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