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The Democrat candidate for US Senate in North Carolina is trying to put distance between her campaign and the “Defund the Police” movement that infected the party over the past 2 years. Cheri Beasley held a news conference yesterday surrounded by about a dozen current and former law enforcement officials. She said, “I do not support defund the police.”

Beasley’s Republican opponent, Rep. Ted Budd, has won endorsements from law enforcement groups like the NC Troopers Association and the National Border Patrol Council.

But Beasley has cozied up to far left Democrats. She signing on to a  joint fundraising committee with socialist Squad member Rep. Corrie Bush (D-MO).

In 2020, as NC Supreme Court Chief Justice, she donned her robe and issued a video from her chambers pronouncing the NC judicial system unequal.

“Too many people that there are two kinds of justice. They believe it because that is their lived experience – they have seen and felt the difference in their own lives. The data also overwhelmingly bears out the truth of those lived experiences. In our courts, African Americans are more harshly treated, more severely punished and more likely to be be presumed guilty.”

Her words were later used in criminal appeals. She lost her re-election bid later that year.