Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen” covered a multitude of big stories that impact you here in Charlotte, from the Roe v. Wade decision to what went down with the North Carolina House sports gambling bill vote and Steve Clifford’s return to the Charlotte Hornets.

Brett speaks with Rep. Wesley Harris on the immediate impact of the Roe v. Wade ruling in the Supreme Court of the United States, especially in North Carolina. They detail who is most and least affected as well as why Brett feels protests are premature.

They also discuss what happened in the North Carolina House to prevent the sports gambling bill from passing including the reservations of both the far left and right as well as the flaws he saw in the arguments against legalizing sports gambling.

Finally, Brett is joined by Travis “T-Bone” Hancock of WFNZ to talk about the the roller coaster that was the Charlotte Hornets search for a head coach and what he thinks about bringing Steve Clifford back to the Queen City and share takeaways from the 2022 NBA Draft.

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