Welcome to a special crossover episode of “Charlotte at 6” with Mark Garrison and “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” as Mark and Brett look back on a year at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools fraught with issues.

From a record number of guns brought to schools, to incidents of uninvestigated sexual assault: from the removal of a superintendent  to many schools receiving failing grades, this year was considered an unmitigated failure by many.

Mark and Brett detail the exact ways the school system failed students, parents and faculty/staff;  including the Title IX violations committed at Olympic High School as well as how the hiring of the underqualified Earnest Winston backfired on the schoolboard from almost every angle.

After sharing audio from actual parents, students and schoolboard members, Mark and Brett discuss what the future may hold for the school system, including declining enrollment and what CMS might be able to do make things safer for all involved in the 2022-23 school year.