Parents at Palisades High School in Charlotte are demanding action after teachers urged kids to read sexually explicit books from the school library. The interim superintendent is expected to announce a new strategy for approving books in school libraries in an effort to calm the controversy.

Lt. Gov. Robinson is officially running for governor, and while he sees the LGBT lifestyle as sinful, he says he can serve everyone as governor.

The NC House passes a bill to stop biological boys from playing on girls’ sports teams. Riley Gaines and others say that it’s a matter of fairness to prevent males from taking over women’s sports.

Mark Garrison hops into a truck with a man who has his license again — after 20 years of blindness. His story offers hope to others with certain eye problems.

Tonight on Charlotte at Six Mark Garrison looks at the high costs of gender changes for minors and adults in North Carolina. A new bill would prevent anyone 18-years-old and under from receiving the treatment.

Tonight on Charlotte at Six Mark Garrsion looks back on the life of a Charlotte legend who started a business empire and donated millions of dollars.

Breaking Brett Jensen is in for Mark Garrison tonight on Charlotte at Six but Mark drops by to talk about the instant impact of a new law making it easier to purchase hand guns in North Carolina.

Mark Garrison updates the story of a SC group of medical tourists who were attacked by drug lords — And he talks to a plastic surgery clinic trying to lure Americans with the promise of discounted procedures.

MEDIC is shorthanded and if you’re emergency isn’t life threatening you could wait for an hour before an ambulance makes it to you. Mark Garrison and WBT reporter Joe Gillespie talk about the staffing situation at MEDIC and what it means for you.

Tonight Breaking Brett Jensen is in for Mark Garrison on Charlotte at Six to talk about the verdict and sentencing of disgraced South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh. First we’re joined by Morgan Frances of Queen City News to describe the scene and atmosphere at the Walterboro courtroom as the news of a quick verdict broke.