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The  Trooping the colors the celebration for the or the Queen of England, today is her 70th anniversary. And let me say this, I used to be one of those dismissers.

Who needs this? Her Majesty has been there for 70 years.

She’s like quite literally a walking, talking a treasure trove time capsule. She was running around when Hitler was trying to incinerate all of Europe. And she remembers the evil Joe Stalin and Mao Zedong. She’s seen a lot in her lifetime and darn it she’s one heck of a patriot. Now, we may not want to have a royal family here outside the Kennedys….psych!

We may not want to have a royal family here, but we ought to respect what it is that she represents decency and dignity. And I get it. You’re complaining right now because you guys all hate the royal family. And that’s fine. That is your right as an American citizen.