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ABC's "Shark Tank" - Season Twelve

Source: Christopher Willard / Getty

Two local entrepreneurs recently took a dive into the “Shank Tank.” Kevin Conway and Josh Inglis appeared on a taping of ABC’s hit television show seeking an investor for the Phoozy, a protective capsules for mobile phones and other devices.

The episode set to air at 8 p.m. ET on April 2 featured the lightweight thermal capsule for phones, tablets or laptops that uses NASA-engineered materials to protect the devices from overheating or battery-zapping cold as well as drops and water damage. They also feature a COVID safe new antimicrobial series, too.

In a press release, Conway and Inglis each described their experience on the show.

“Pitching to the sharks was one of the most stressful and exciting moments of my life,” said Inglis, who is COO and has a background working in corporate America.

Conway, a CEO and former NASCAR driver, said turning laps around the track is “less nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing than walking into the tank to pitch the sharks!”

The duo came up with the idea for the Phoozy after being unable to find a product on the market that provided protection from the elements while keeping devices accessible.

They wanted a product that retracts heat from the sun and is insulated from the cold. Along with being durable and water-resistant, according to the Charlotte business journal.

“Thermal management is a very big area of focus in motorsports and the aerospace industry,” said Conway. “We worked with aerospace engineers and rocket scientists to adapt materials developed for spacesuits to bring Phoozy to life.”

No spoliers were given about the show. The only way you’ll find out if the Phoozy will be the nest success story from the show is to tune in. For more information, check out