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Tune in here to this Wednesday edition of the Brett Winterble Show!
Brett kicks off the program by talking about the Democrats attempts to sidetrack former President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign are all crumbling and President Joe Biden being a jinx. Approximately three years and five months into his presidency it is still hard to point to one positive thing that Joe Biden has done for America.
Matt “The Coach” Doherty joins us to talk about the ongoing protests and what we as American’s must fight for. What are the cornerstones of America that we must maintain?

Beth Troutman from Good Morning BT is also here for this Wednesday’s episode of Crossing the Streams. Brett and Beth talk about the upcoming 2024 presidential election and how the Trump trials will impact the election. Beth also shares what she and Bo have coming up tomorrow on Good Morning BT!
We’re also joined by Father Bill Nicholas to talk about the protests we are seeing on college campuses across the country. What happens when God is removed from all of our institutions, something will fill that void and it won’t be anything good.
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