WBT afternoon host Brett Winterble, back from his trip to Italy with WBT listeners, joins Bo & Beth with his reaction to recent Supreme Court rulings, and his take on civil unrest flaring again in France.

Former NC Governor and former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson &  Beth Troutman with his take on the US Supreme Court ruling rejecting the NC State Legislature's argument that it had power over federal election rules, NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson disregarding "your time is up" signs while speaking at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference, and Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles announcing that she is running for another term.

The US Supreme Court decision in the Moore v Harper case yesterday could open the door to state and federal courts getting more involved determining election outcomes. Listen Here:

A practice known as “home equity theft” has been ruled unconstitutional in a 9-0 US Supreme Court opinion this week. The practice involves local governments or companies seizing homes with late property taxes, selling the properties, and keeping all of the money.   Listen Here:

US Senate Democratic candidate, BK Maginnis, wants to pack the US Supreme Court and has difficulty saying when in utero human beings obtain rights.

In this hour Pete does a review the US Supreme Court denial of a an emergency appeal to the NC Legislative Redistricting Map.

In the first hour of the show, Vince takes a call about Joe Biden's promise to put an African-American woman on the Supreme Court and they joke about Candace Owens filling those qualifications. 

In the second hour of the show, Pete talks about the Supreme Court's discussion of the legal validity of Joe Biden's federal vaccine mandate and talks about how Washington may be pressuring the states to fall in line with past and future promises of money.