by Sharon Thorsland The Panthers head to the Music City for a match up with the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. Both teams are struggling, with the Panthers sitting at 1-9 on the year and the Titans are 3-7 and in the midst of a three game losing streak. Kick-off is set for 1:00 Sunday. The […]

The lesson from the expulsion of two Tennessee lawmakers who led a protest from the floor of the legislature is offer no mercy. When a third lawmaker was spared from expulsion because she apologized, she and her fellow Democrats accused the Republicans of doing so because she is white and they are racists. Listen Here:

The Tennessee House has expelled two democratic members after they stood with protestors fighting for gun reform. ABC News reports:  Two Democratic lawmakers have been ousted from the Republican-controlled Tennessee state House of Representatives and one was allowed to stay in what marks the first partisan expulsion in the state’s modern history.  The three lawmakers — […]

After a shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, TN by a transgender former student, the focus has been to rally around and support transgenderism. Unlike in the wake of other mass shootings, where the focus is rally around the victims. Listen Here:

Pete is out today, so Chad Adams fills in. Listen Here:

JD Hayworth is filling in for Vince. JD talks about the attack on 2nd amendment rights. Plus, more information coming out of the tragic Nashville school shooting. Listen Here:

President Joe Biden’s bizarre comments in the wake of the Nashville school shooting cannot be dismissed or ignored. This is not the same Joe Biden we’ve seen over the past 40 years. Listen Here:

In the wake of the Nashville school shooting yesterday, North Carolina House Democrats and the Democratic Governor used the tragedy to attack Republican-passed legislation that repeals a Jim Crow era pistol purchase law that was used to prevent Black citizens from defending themselves against racist KKK attacks and intimidation. Listen Here:

In the wake of the latest school shooting, rational, sane, and decent people try to conjure explanations for the barbarity. But there isn’t any. And attacking your fellow Americans won’t change that. Listen Here:


The travel site named North Carolina as their top state with the most hospitable hosts, according to internal data collected over the past year. The Tar Heel State was complemented for having a noticeable southern charm, including an Asheville property named Lucky W Cottage which received over 530 5-star reviews from visitors.