Pete Kaliner Show

Real Clear Investigations has launched a dashboard to detail the key players and organizations pushing the controversial ESG program on companies and industries.

After all the effort to brand the GOP as a threat to democracy, polling shows more people think Democrats are the threat.

A live broadcast from the Mallard Creek BBQ event in North Mecklenburg – where political candidate gather to talk with people waiting to get pulled pork. Pete chats with Congressional candidate Tyler Lee from the scene.

Callers discuss the midterms. Comments in the Pennsylvania governors race by Doug Mastriano, Republican candidate. Explanation of how to regulate gas prices by Energy Secretary Jen Granholm. The Homeland Security Secretary is asking for volunteers from all government agencies to assist at the border.  The new golden rule is how much money the college coaches […]

Brief review of the Contract with America. Newt Gingrich explains what is important when voting.  An East Carolina University poll shows that Tedd Budd is leading Cheri Beasley by 6 points at the moment. Callers on why they are voting for Budd or not here in Mecklenburg County.

J D Hayworth is in for Pete and asks are you voting early? What is going on at the voting sites. The importance of voting and is it easier to commit voter fraud with mail in voting? Comments by President Biden on whether abortion or inflation is most important. Stacy Abrams implies abortion will increase […]

A local gamer gets SWATTED – wherein someone called 911, claimed to be the gamer, and said he’d killed his wife. The hoax call prompted a police raid. People who “SWAT” others should be charged with attempted murder. Also, four people take pleas in ballot harvesting scheme.

The Editors at National Review urge Republicans not to cave to demands that they stop focusing on crime as a major issue in the midterm election. Democrats and the media are trying to shame Republicans into giving up one of their strongest issues: being tough on crime. Will Bunch, writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer, says that […]

In what critics call another example of trying to bribe voters ahead the midterm elections, President Joe Biden is handing out pardons for people convicted of simple possession of pot. The pardons would affect about 6,500 people, as most marijuana charges are at the state level – not the federal level. The Associated Press reports […]

As we head down the final stretch of the 2022 midterm election, calls are growing among NC Democratic activists and consultants for out-of-state groups to pour money into Cheri Beasley’s campaign for US Senate.