This episode is presented by Old Grouch’s Military Surplus – While he was Vice President, Joe Biden dined with three different clients of Hunter Biden – who paid him millions of dollars. These dinners were always at Washington’s elite Cafe Milano – which bills itself as “Where the world’s most powerful people go.” If they […]

This episode is presented by Carolina Readiness Supply – Biden family firms took in more than $20 million from foreign agents while Joe Biden was Vice President. And shortly after each of the payments, Joe met with the people who paid Joe’s son, Hunter. But Democrats and media still claim there is no proof that […]

Jason Lewis fills in for Pete.  Eric Bollinger, from The Balance,  on Newsmax,  joins to discuss the reasons for the success of Newsmax. Discussion and trivia about the Beatles and their concert in Charlotte in 1993.

Jason Lewis fills in for Pete.Do these indictments open a can of worms in Washington? Fitch ratings has lowered the credit rating of the US to AA from AAA. The debt is now larger than the GNP. Busch has now admitted that their sales in the US for Bud Light have dropped considerably because of […]

A McClatchy newspaper columnist in North Carolina says the only thing she learned about communism was that it was bad, but she thinks Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s call for people to learn why communism is bad is just a culture war tactic.

This episode is presented by Carolina Readiness Supply — North Carolina Republican lawmakers are running a bill that would let parents go to court on claims that a school superintendent has violated their fundamental right to parent. If five parents are successful, the law then allows the school board to fire the superintendent or reduce […]

After threatening to hold the FBI Director in contempt of Congress, members of the House Oversight Committee finally got a look at a document detailing how two members of the Biden family negotiated two $5 million bribes with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. If true, it confirms the allegation that former President Donald Trump tried […]

Patrick Sebastian, a partner at Opinion Diagnostics, says their latest poll shows former President Donald Trump leads the Republican field in the primary, and that he’d beat President Joe Biden in a rematch by about two points. And while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis still trails Trump, he’d beat Biden by a larger margin.

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly facing indictment on federal charges related to classified documents that were taken from the White House and recovered at his Florida home. New details are also emerging about President Joe Biden’s document collection as well as corruption. Coincidentally, there’s a report that we have UFO material.

The battle for the Republican nomination for North Carolina governor is getting a bit more crowded, as former Congressman Mark Walker announced his candidacy over the weekend. He’ll be competing against Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and NC Treasurer Dale Folwell. Robinson is considered the favorite to win the primary, but might be less electable in […]