In this hour, Covid numbers on the rise again. Who will the Dems back in the 2024 election? Also, could Monkeypox cause another lockdown?

In this hour, Chad touches more on Covid. Plus, Chad gives his take on gender identity and transgenderism.

In this hour, Vince dives into travel restrictions, mask mandates potentially making a comeback, all while Covid numbers are reportedly dropping.

During this hour Pete goes through the changes in North Carolina, Mecklinburg County, and the CDC are implementing on counting covid cases.

The hour is spent going over the various points of the news conference and comparing them to the playbook that the democrats are now using.

Vince discusses the death penalty for the marathon bomber, a new report on the origin of Covid, and a discssion on transgenders sports.

The first half of the hour was continuing discussion of how test scores were down. In the second half Pete looked at the effect on special education.

Pete talks with NC House Speaker, Tim Moore about the status of the recently vetoed Covid Bill and more.

At beginning of the hour Speaker Of The House Tim Moore joins to discuss the status of the Covid Bill. Pete discussed the anger about crime on CATS at the city council meeting last night.

In the second hour of the show, Pete reacts to last night's school board meeting in Mecklenburg County about the end to the mask mandate. But why will the kids have to wear masks longer than the rest of the public in the county?