CNN CEO Chris Licht is out after one year at CNN. CNN reports: Chris Licht, the embattled chief executive and chairman of CNN, whose brief one-year tenure at the network was stained by a series of severe missteps, will depart the company. “I met with Chris and he will be leaving CNN,” David Zaslav, the chief […]

The people who love former President Donald Trump saw his performance last night as a resounding victory. People who hate Trump saw it as a lie-filled bully session. The format guaranteed it would be worth very little. Listen Here:

Kaitlin Collins’ interrogation of former President Donald Trump last night on CNN disappointed media and leftists who wanted her to go even harder at Trump. Listen Here:

Former President Donald Trump took to the stage last night to debate CNN’s Kaitlin Collins. The media outlet has been dragged by the Left and pundits for giving Trump a platform. Listen Here:

With Title 42 ending today, a large influx of illegal immigrants is expected in the coming days and weeks. Also, Vince discusses the Trump Town Hall and what it means for Donald Trump moving forward. Listen Here:

A Senior Writer at CNN explains how posting GIFs and memes on social media is racism – but only if you’re a white person posting images of black people. And not in every case, either. Yet. It’s a strong candidate for the stupidest thing in today’s Zone of Dumbassery. Listen Here:

CNN took morning host Don Lemon off the air today, in the wake of sexist comments he made about women being past their prime after age 50. Meanwhile, 89-year old Diane Feinstein didn’t know she’s retiring and a progressive group is running ads urging President Biden to not seek re-election. Listen Here:

In this hour, Vince discusses President Biden’s response to inflation. Also, CNN viewing numbers are dropping at an alarming rate.

A study by two political scientists found that FOX News viewers adopted different opinions about current events when they were paid to watch CNN for a month. In an attempt to dunk on FOX, CNN’s Brian Stelter embarrasses himself.

Vince discusses CNN+ folding just a month after launch. Also, Vince talks about Covid and Anthony Fauci’s comments.