Charlotte at Six

The private company that runs the I-77 toll lanes has been suing drivers who end up in fender-benders. Why? Supposedly, it blocks traffic and the company loses toll revenue. Mark Garrison talks with WSOC’s Joe Bruno who uncovered this, and explains what happened when Joe started asking questions about the suits.

This year school board elections are getting a lot of attention from voters across the country. Issues such as dirty books, COVID shots and transgender policy are motivating factors. Over the weekend, Mark Garrison spent time in Cabarrus County where voters are lining up to cast an early ballot. And one reason is all the […]

Today on Charlotte at Six — more controversy for Charlotte City Councilman James “Smuggie” Mitchell. Mitchell was excused from a City Council vote Monday night because of a conflict of interest. Mark Garrison talks with Mitchell about why he previously failed to disclose that he owned stock in a company doing business with the city.

Today on Charlotte at Six Mark Garrison and WBT food critic TJ Boggs are back to keep you up to date about the dirtiest places to (not) eat! Mark shares a place infested with flies, one that’s been serving moldy meat+ TJ tells you where you might be able to get a haunted meal in […]

Mark Garrison visits the NC State fair and had a chance to taste some of the best food around. Listen Here:

As fair season gets rolling, Mark Garrison gets you informed about all the best eats at this year’s North Carolina State Fair!

Many different things draw people to the local fair: rides, games, live music and especially food. Mark Garrison met with one newcomer to the fair food game who is watering mouths with delicious dishes at the North Carolina State Fair this year.

Today Mecklenburg Co. Sheriff Garry McFadden announced that his office will no longer be pulling drivers over for minor violations. Tonight on Charlotte at Six Mark Garrison details the reasoning Sheriff McFadden gave for the change as well as why CMPD isn’t expecting to follow suit.

As Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida today, people in and out of the state find themselves stuck. Mark Garrison talks with Floridians camping out at Charlotte Motor Speedway to avoid the storm as well as his own son, who is hunkering down with his family at a shut-down Disney World.  

There have been 84 murders in Charlotte this year at the time of this post. On this National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims, CMPD had a special ceremony. Mark Garrison talks with a grieving mom about how she thinks the problem should be addressed.