Hey, Charlotte!  It’s time to light the torch again with Brett Jensen and The WBT Cigar Club!  Join us Thursday, June 20th, at F-D Cigar Company in Waxhaw!  Watch Brett host “Breaking with Brett Jensen” live, browse premium cigar brands including La Galera and enjoy giveaways courtesy of F-D Cigar Company!  It’s the WBT Cigar […]

Duke told state officials that they just could not generate enough electricity on a recent cold snap — so they had no choice but to cut power to half a million people. Mark Garrison reports on Duke’s explanation + talks to experts who say that we will see more blackouts.

This year on the social media website TikTok there is a trend of Gen-Z parents deciding not to raise their children to believe in Santa Claus. Tonight on Charlotte at Six Mark Garrison talks with a family counselor who says the young parents might be on to something and take your calls on the matter.

On this week’s edition of “Success at Six,” on Charlotte at Six Mark Garrison tells the story of a woman taking her talent and passion for hot dogs on the road.

On this week’s edition of Success at Six with Mark Garrison, Mark catches up with one of Santa’s busiest helpers who is going gangbusters once again following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tonight on Charlotte at Six Mark Garrison provides the latest on the power substation shooting in Moore County this weekend. The good news is power could be back sooner than expected but authorities still don’t have any suspects.

In a Charlotte City Council meeting on Monday night, Charlotte City Manager Marcus Jones received a 14 percent raise, making his salary higher than the President of the United States. Tonight on Charlotte at Six Mark Garrison talks with a couple of city council members on both sides of the issue.

Welcome to another edition of Wacky News Monday with Anna, Boomer and Tommy on Charlotte at Six!

Tonight on Charlotte at Six we’re joined by helicopter pilot Don Evans, who flies the same model of helicopter that crashed yesterday, killing WBTV pilot Chip Tayag and meteorologist Jason Myers.

Charlotte Police created unnecessary anxiety on Saturday when there was word of a possible shooter at Southpark Mall. CMPD could have quickly reassured the public that there was NOT an active shooter — but they didn’t.  Instead, with their new shun-the-media policy, cops put out a Tweet that left the public fearing the worst while […]

Today on Charlotte at Six Mark is joined by Anna, Boomer and Tommy to talk about the dishes people love to hate every year on Turkey Day.