Going down a musical rabbit hole related to Beth Troutman's song of the day on Good Morning BT, but can you guess which musical artist and why?

On this Thursday edition of Crossing The Streams with Beth Troutman on The Brett Winterble Show Brett and Beth dive into the leak of information from the Pentagon this week and today’s subsequent arrest. Beth explains why she’s struggling to understand what was going through the mind of the perpetrator before Brett asks how the […]

Our cyber security expert Theresa Payton joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman with a warning about using the free charging stations and Wi-Fi in public places as they can put your data at risk if you use them through a process called "Juice Jacking," reaction to the leaking of classified US intelligence documents, and her take on an article that says A.I. bot ChatGPT tweeted a threat against humanity.

Listen here to this Thursday edition of Crossing the Streams on the Brett Winterble Show as we’re joined by Good Morning BT host Beth Troutman to talk Tricia Cotham leaving the Democrats and Beth’s biggest issues that need to be fixed. Beth shares her insight into Cotham’s decision to join the Republicans as well as […]

Magician and Charlotte native Caleb Morgan captivates Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman on Good Morning BT with an in-studio performance that illustrates just how in sync the dynamic morning duo truly are, and reveals how he successfully auditioned to be on Penn & Teller's 'Fool Us' show.

Mecklenburg County Commissioner Pat Cotham joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman saying that her daughter Tricia Cotham, member of the NC House of Representatives from the 112th district, was motivated to switch her political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican due to threats, being ordered around and being made to feel unwelcome in the Democratic caucus.

Former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman with more reaction to the unprecedented indictment of former President Donald Trump for his alleged role in covering up hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels during his 2016 presidential election campaign, his take on the upcoming arraignment and potential for a gag order that would keep Trump from commenting about the case, the possibility of future political retribution, and Mulvaney Music Trivia!